Front projection screens offer solutions for many different projection environments, but sometimes a rear screen is the best answer. As long as the additional space for a projection room behind the screen is available, rear screens offer high performance in a variety of circumstances.

Here are three projects where Draper rear screens not only provided a solution, they added the “wow.”

Curved “Wow” Factor
A CEO had been to a conference where the presentation was given on a large curved screen using projection blending and decided he wanted to have the same experience available at his own company. A custom curved VersaRoll did deliver that “wow” factor, along with other benefits. A curved screen helps offset pincushion distortion from a horizontal expansion lens, and wraps the image around your periphery more than a flat screen for greater engagement with your projected image. In addition, the project utilized an IRUS coating that is specifically designed for blending and wide viewing applications. For more on this story, click here.

An Immersive Experience
Pennsylvania construction management firm Alvin H. Butz, Inc., wanted their new Immersive Technology Center to allow clients to see in 3D how a building will look even before construction. They were looking for an impressive, immersive, and impactful solution. Because of the amount of ambient light, the need for an immersive experience, and other considerations, a rear projection solution was the best option for the space. The projector was located just above seated height and angled down to provide a more immersive experience, so a screen that can handle high resolution without hot spotting was required. The Draper IRUS was again the perfect solution. The IRUS provides unbeatable image uniformity top to bottom and from center to corner, free of hot spots. The 180-degree viewing angle also means there isn’t a bad seat in the room. Click here to read the full case study.

A Double-Sided Solution
The Tech Museum in San Jose, California built an interactive Bio Design Studio to explore the basic concepts of synthetic biology. One of the exhibits is the Creature Creation Station. Visitors use “DNA”—flexible building blocks—to create new organisms, much as what would happen in an actual lab. They release their creations into an ecosystem that includes everyone else’s creations and watch as “survival of the fittest” plays out on a huge curved projection screen. For the display, Draper recommended the Infinite Resolution Uniformity Screen (IRUS) VersaRoll. Its unique anti-glare finish was a must in the high ambient light of the Bio Design Studio, and since it is semi-rigid, the screen could be deployed in a double-sided curve for maximum effect. To learn more, click here.

How can Draper’s rear screen and custom offerings provide the solution you’re looking for? Click here to see the possibilities.

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