Providing solar control solutions for very large openings is
something not every shade manufacturer can do. In addition to typical shading concerns
such as glare, solar heat gain, and view-through, with larger windows safety
and stability also become issues to consider.

Draper and outdoor solar shading partner Peninsulators will
address these and other issues during an upcoming episode of Vision Seat, a
biweekly Facebook Live broadcast from Window Fashion Vision magazine.

The Wednesday, May 26 live episode, entitled “Sourcing and
Installing Oversized Window Coverings,” will feature Draper solar control
solutions manager Clint Childress, along with co-founder/COO John Thomas and
head of business development-Seattle region Sam Blair of Peninsulators.
Peninsulators is one of North America’s leading window covering companies. We’ve
partnered with them on some spectacular examples of “oversized” window
coverings, some of which will be discussed during the program.

Draper has a number of solutions for covering large expanses
of glazing, including louver and tensioned fabric skylight systems. But one of
the solutions that is growing in popularity is ZIP shades, such as the Draper
FlexShade ZIP and FlexShade ZIP XL. The XL version is available up to 25 feet

“The thing that people really like about ZIP shades is the
protection they provide against not only glare and solar heat, but also insects
and even weather and wind,” said Childress. “ZIP shades make it possible to
create an outdoor space that maintains a steady, comfortable temperature while
maintaining a beautiful view-through to the rest of the outdoors.”

The program is hosted by Window Fashion Vision editor-in-chief
Sophia Bennett. She will lead the panel through a range of considerations,
including finding the right partner for very large shading systems,
motorization, installation, and maintenance.

Joining Childress, Blair, and Thomas will be Kim Boynton,
owner, 3/8 and Co., LLC.

To catch this live program, click here to go to the Window Fashion Vision Facebook page. This episode of Window Fashion Vision Seat kicks off at 4 p.m. eastern Wednesday, May 26.

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