While a window with a trapezoidal or other custom shape can
be a stunning addition to a building’s aesthetic, it can also create problems
for solar control. Standard rectangular shades and blinds aren’t designed for
this need. But we have a few solutions.

Here are five ways to provide solar control for odd-shaped

Fixed Panels
The FlexShade® Panel is a non-operable fabric panel that’s perfect for
hard-to-reach openings, including skylights, sloped glazing in solariums, and
oddly-shaped openings. The panels can be used inside or outside the glazing and
attach with removeable mounting clips, so you can maintain and clean them.

Rack Arm Systems
Draper’s FlexLouver Rack Arm System is a non-retractable louver system that
can be installed on vertical, horizontal, or inclined glazing. This system can
shade almost any shape of glazing, including circles, squares, triangles,
trapezoids, and more.

Adjustable slat angles prevent direct sun penetration,
whatever the sun angle. Precise light control can be achieved with slow tilting
of slats.

The FlexLouver is designed for interior or exterior use,
depending on the slat selection.

Custom-shaped Motorized FlexShades in the Workforce Development Conference Room at Kankakee Community College, Kankakee, Illinois.  Dealer: Blind Ambition, Bourbonnais, Illinois. Photography: Rich Sistos of Rich Sistos Photography, Itasca, Illinois.

Custom-Shaped Shades
Sometimes the customer doesn’t want the shading solution to be visible all
the time. They want the ability to retract the system during certain times of

Custom-shaped shades can work in some oddly-shaped windows,
such as squares, trapezoids, or extremely tall, narrow openings. To see if a
particular window can accommodate a retractable shade, our shade design team
needs an accurate drawing with exact dimensions, slopes, or angles.

Outside Mounted
Instead of making the solar control solution conform to the shape of the
window, simply mount it to the wall or ceiling instead of inside the opening. The
shade will be built to cover the window at its widest point, and when deployed,
it will extend to both sides of the window.

While this is a simple solution, it does require space on
each side of the window. This is not an option if there are any obstacles the
shade might encounter while in motion.

Custom louvers installed above the temporary debating chamber of the Canadian Parliament. Draper designed several triangular-shaped systems for the installation.

Custom Louver Systems
For glazing that covers a large area or has a custom shape or angles, a
pre-existing product won’t help. A completely custom louver system may be

Our solar control solutions team will work with you through
drawings, 3D prints, and full mockups to develop the perfect custom solution.
Whether we design and build your solution in-house or use our relationships
with global partners and our own Draper family of companies, our dedicated custom
solutions team has the project management experience to guide you through the
entire process—from concept to sign-off.

Do you have a project with oddly-shaped windows? Click here to reach out to the Draper representative for your area and see how we can help!

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