Draper designed the Foundation® Mount System for LED from the
ground up with installers in mind. But making things as easy as possible for
the installer doesn’t end with product design. We have also developed tools to
help, including a new set of video instruction guides.

In this series of videos, Draper director-audio video
distribution Jim Hoodlebrink offers guidelines and tips to help give you a head
start on a successful dvLED video wall installation. These videos show a center-out
installation video wall. That means when it is time to attach the LED panels to
the structure, you start in the center of the bottom row.

Foundation Mount System for LED Video Walls Part 1
This first video is an introduction to Foundation and the tools required for installation.

Very few tools are required for building a Foundation-based
video wall. You will need a power drill, laser level, measuring tape, hex
wrenches, and a 3-4 foot-long bubble level.

Draper recommends 1-2 installers. The Foundation can be
installed on any wall type as long as it is structurally sound.

To prepare for the installation, the first step is to
measure and mark off the placement of wall mounting brackets, starting from the
bottom left. Horizontal mounting points vary according to LED manufacturer.

Click here to view this opening video.

Foundation Mount System for LED Video Walls Part 2
This video covers horizontal rail plumb alignment and vertical rail installation.

Once the bottom rails are loosely attached to the wall, this
is your first opportunity to check the alignment and adjust the brackets to
absorb any wall flatness issues. We recommend a laser level in conjunction with
the Foundation’s plumb alignment pins.

Next, you add magnetic trim brackets to the vertical rails,
before attaching them to the horizontal rails.

Click here for the second video in the series.

Always refer to printed installation instructions provided by Draper.

Foundation Mount System for LED Video Walls Part 3
This video focuses on fixture alignment and trim attachment. Hoodlebrink demonstrates one of the tools our designers developed to help installation and alignment go as smoothly as possible. The Draper alignment tool allows you to properly space vertical rails before tightening them down. Consult your installation instructions for details on how to use the tool.

Click here for the full video.

How-To Video: Mounting LED Panels to the Foundation Mount System
This final video in the series demonstrates mounting the actual LED panels to the structure.

LED panels attach to the Foundation using spring loaded
mounting studs. Simply hand-tighten the mounting studs into the holes on the
back of the LED panels and use the angled slots to attach them to the

There are three designs for attaching the LED panels to the
Foundation structure. Depending on the placement of the angled mounting slots,
LEDs attach starting from the bottom left, the bottom right, or the bottom of
the center row.

Now you can also adjust the panel’s Z-axis (front-to-back).

To watch this video, click here.

These videos are not meant to replace installation instructions provided for each type of Foundation. Throughout the process, continue consulting your instructions. Click here to find the instructions for your Foundation, or contact your Draper representative for more information.

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