By Terry Coffey


You see them everywhere—the Internet, brochures, installation instructions, product guides—I’m talking about Frequently Asked Questions. Sometimes reading a list of FAQs is like reading the latest adventures of Captain Obvious; other times you find yourself wondering if anybody has ever asked any of them. But what is more important than questions which are asked are those which are not: Never Asked Questions, or NAQs.

These are the questions that actually get the customer in trouble, because leaving them unasked can cost money, time, and credibility.

We recently asked Draper’s AV sales groups to share the questions they really wish more dealers and end users would bring up. Here are those Never Asked Questions (or almost never), and why they need to be asked.

NAQ: What should I think about when putting a tab-tensioned screen in front of a TV?
Why Ask: The projected image will go through the screen, and be reflected from the TV surface back onto the screen from behind. This causes “ghosting” of the image on the screen. Ordering a black-backed surface will prevent this issue.

NAQ: How do I choose between a Closure Panel and Ceiling Trim Kit for my lift?
Why Ask: A Closure is ordered with an Environmental Airspace Housing. …read more

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