Many industries use the “value engineering” designation as a way to remove components in a cost-cutting attempt. Draper® approaches engineering from the opposite direction. We work to add value by providing quality solutions that fit the customer’s needs.

Explaining how this happens across our product lines is the connecting factor of our new podcast series, Engineering Value. Each month, host Sean Heath and guests will bring thought leadership on how Draper finds success in U.S. manufacturing by adding value, not cutting corners.

On the first episode of Engineering Value, Grant Wylie, director of product management for AV mounts and structures, discusses the way in which Draper is rehabilitating the concept of value.

Grant Wylie, director of product management for AV mounts and structures.

“I’ve seen some markets out there where they actually use
the word ‘value’ to show that that’s their lowest quality product or their
lowest priced product,” Wylie said. “When we’re doing ‘value engineering,’
we’re actually looking at, ‘how do we make the product better, faster,
stronger, but also maintain the same price-point or cost-point for our

Wylie and Heath will also discuss innovations in AV mounts
and structures, and some of the challenges faced by designers and engineers.

“Gravity is the thing we’re always against,” Wylie said
during the podcast. “It’s a good thing because it keeps us secure to the
ground, but with that everything that we try to install to build onto walls or
ceilings or anywhere else, we’re always fighting gravity to make sure the
component or item stays put.”

Wylie shared some stories about recent installations and
discussed how he and the rest of the Draper team shepherd projects through to

“My role is really focused around managing what our products
are, who we’re selling them to, how we’re selling them to our customers,” Wylie
said, “really identifying what our customers are looking for on a daily basis
and how we tie what we do into what they need.”

“Innovation inevitably creates a cascade effect,” Heath
said. “Everything is connected within each new innovation. There are so many
different iterations of improvements that have to come along with the next big

To learn more about the Draper approach to value and innovations in the AV mounts and structures space, check out the first episode of Engineering Value. Click here to listen now!

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