Window Shades

Houses of worship present unique challenges in controlling the light. Each space, whether it is a church, synagogue, cathedral or mosque may be used for multiple purposes and each purpose has a specific goal and challenge. Energy-efficiency, comfort and presentation parameters are all things that can be addressed with the right window shade. Draper has been offering window shade solutions since 1902, so to us, when it comes to solar control there is nothing new under the sun!

Solar Control

Draper’s FlexShade window shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing the amount of energy required to cool the building. That means lower bills and less money spent on the HVAC system. Motorized window shades can automatically adjust to compensate for the changing shade requirements throughout the day. Draper FlexShades can contribute to LEED points and credits. In addition, shades can reduce or eliminate uncomfortable glare for those inside the room, while still allowing ambient sunlighting and view-through to the outside.

Environmentally Friendly

The construction of window shades has become friendlier to the environment as well by including PVC-free fabrics and utilizing lean manufacturing processes. Draper is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders from every sector of the building industry, working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live, work and worship.

Custom Shading

Each FlexShade product is built to order. Fabric, hardware and operating mechanisms are specified to satisfy functional and aesthetic criteria—Draper builds each unit for an exacting fit only after we receive exact measurements for the window.

The Most Operator Options

Draper offers the broadest variety of operator styles in the industry. Options include bead chain clutch, crank, spring roller, and motorized roller-operated shades.

Unmatched Fabric Choices

Our spectrum of fabric colors and styles is unmatched. Woven mesh fabrics offer protection from heat, glare and UV rays, while maintaining the view. Soft translucent textiles offer designer appeal. And our opaque fabrics eliminate all visible light. Combine them with a LightBloc System, and you will achieve total blackout. All fabrics are fire retardant.

Draper Offers the Following Window Shade Choices

Motorized Window Shades

Motorized Window Shades

Motorized FlexShades

Motorized FlexShades are the most flexible option. They give you control of shades that may be too high or big for manual operation, and they also offer convenience and help maximize energy savings. Draper’s motorized FlexShades can be controlled with the touch of a wall switch or remote control, or automated to allow for perfect control based on the time of day or other factors. Draper offers a full line of motorized window shades that offer the simplicity of a window shade with the versatility and high-tech convenience of motorized operation.

Installation choices range from simple mounting brackets, to endcaps that allow for fascia to match your decor, to extruded pockets with bottom closure panels and side channels. Dual roller configurations are also available when you need a light filtering shade and a light blocking shade in the same headbox for use at different times, or even a shade and a projection screen in one headbox.

The following types of of motorized shades are available:

Manual Window Shades

Manual Window Shades

Manual FlexShades

Manual FlexShades are a lower-cost and sensible choice for standard window shade treatments where the top of the window is closer to the floor. Choose from a wide range of attractive light-filtering and light-blocking fabrics to enhance a building’s energy efficiency while allowing for just the right amount of daylight. Manual FlexShades offer the same installation choices as motorized shades.

The following types of manual window shades are available:

Skylight Window Shades

Skylight FlexShades

Skylight FlexShades

Skylights are great for bringing natural light deep into a facility, but an unprotected skylight can generate intense heat and glare. Skylight FlexShades are the ideal remedy. Inconspicuously recessed into the skylight opening, a Skylight FlexShade provides solar and UV control to protect people and furnishings. Draper recommends lighter color fabrics and hardware to absorb less heat.

The following types of skylight shades are available:

Light Bloc Window Shades

Light Bloc FlexShades

LightBloc FlexShades

Provides complete blackout.

Draper’s LightBloc FlexShades provide complete blackout of the window. There will be no light gap at the headbox/side channel connection. A light proof hem bar recesses into a light proof sill channel. Our exclusive, patented Fabric Retention System prevents disengagement of fabric from channels. Lightbloc FlexShades, like all Draper shades, are precision engineered and custom built for each opening.

The following types of light blocking shades are available:

Bottom Up Shades

Bottom-Up FlexShades

Bottom-Up FlexShades

The best solution, especially on ground floors, isn’t always the traditional “top-down” window shade. Unlike top-down window shades, Draper’s patent pending Bottom-Up FlexShade™ provides privacy, as well as protection work surfaces near the windows from harsh glare and excess heat, without eliminating natural daylight. The window shade rises from a roller at the bottom of the unit. It blocks the sun’s rays at the bottom of the window, while allowing daylight to pass comfortably above people and objects adjacent to the window. By reducing glare and heat, the Bottom-Up FlexShade promotes a comfortable environment for classrooms, offices, and residences as well.

More information about Bottom-Up FlexShades

Graphic Window Shades

Graphic Window Shades

Graphic FlexShades

With Draper’s Graphic FlexShades, the only limit to what your shades can look like is your imagination. Graphics can be printed on either side of the shade, so you can see it from the inside of the room or outside the building. You can promote your message to the community, or enhance a room’s purpose, all while controlling the light.  You provide the artwork, and Draper will print your logo, photo or graphic. We use a high quality, digital four-color process to ensure a crisp, clear image.

More information about graphics on shades

Exterior FlexShades

Exterior Window Shades

Exterior FlexShades

While interior window shades are great for solar control, Exterior Flexshades offer an even better solution because most of the solar energy is prevented from entering the building, thereby giving you maximum heat gain reduction.

Draper’s Exterior FlexShades™ are simple to install, and built to last so no surprise repairs will crop up in your budget. Heavy-duty cable guides or side channels secure the fabric against wind and weather. The weather- and insect-resistant solid aluminum headbox includes a built-in hinge for easy access during installation and those rare occasions when service is required. Exterior FlexShades can be either motorized or crank-operated, and are offered in a wide range of fabric colors and openness choices (1% to 14%).


The following types of exterior shades are available:

Custom Window Shade Panels

Custom Window Shade Panels

Custom Shade Applications

Have a window that needs a custom shape or custom design that is not readily available from regular shade products? Draper can help!

Every Draper FlexShade is custom, in a sense, since it is built for a specific window that has been measured. But sometimes you have a window that needs a custom shape or design that is not readily available from regular shade products. When you have an application that requires something extra our engineers can custom design specific solutions to fit your application.

More information about custom shade applications.