When it comes to finding the right solar control solution
for a client’s particular needs, a wide variety of factors need to be

That’s the topic of the latest episode of Engineering Value,
a Draper podcast. Host Tyler Kern was joined by Draper®️ Architectural
Consultant – Solar Control Solutions Richard Wilson and Product Manager – Solar
Control Solutions Clint Childress for a deep dive into the variety of custom,
tailored solar control and shading solutions the company offers, and which
bring tremendous value to customers and their unique spaces.

“I’d say that the starting point is really to get a good
understanding of the project and what the design team is looking to achieve,” Wilson
said. “To that end, getting involved early with the design team – and that may
be the architects, that may be façade consultants, and it may be lighting
consultants – and really getting to talk to them early to understand what it is
their looking for (is important).”

Some of the topics to consider include the performance the
team wants to achieve, the level of shading control, aesthetic considerations.

Draper is uniquely qualified to guide partners through the
journey to find the unique solution that will fit an architect’s needs exactly.
It’s where the Draper commitment to solutions over products shines through.

“We have more of a solutions-based approach here,” Childress
said. “We’re not selling a product that we’re trying to fit into every situation.
We listen and we try to understand – what are you going for? What are the
issues? What are the achievables? … (Then,) we provide a solution that is
customized and fits the project and the need.”

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