You can get a first look at new products, and keep up-to-date
so your customers have the most current product information, with the 2019
FlexShade price list. The new price list will take effect February 18 and is now
available for download. Here are some of the exciting new products and features
you’ll find:

FlexShade® NEXD
Last year we introduced the next generation of the heavy-duty XD clutch. With
this year’s price list, the NEXD has fully replaced the XD in all sizes. In
addition to the existing slim version, the NEXD will now fit Draper’s standard
small and large hardware sizes.

NEXD Slim is still available with cassette-style
installation. All NEXD sizes can be wall- or ceiling-mounted using the
adjustable brackets, which include jamb mounting holes and a height-adjustable
idler bracket.

Interior Cable Guide
Kit for Interior FlexShades
Installing interior shades on a slope is easier with this kit, which has a
smaller footprint than cable guides used primarily for exterior installations.
The kit includes a slat, slat weight, slat endcaps, cables, tension stops, and
mounting plates. The Interior Cable Guide Kit for interior FlexShades can be
used with the Clutch FlexShade, Clutch FlexShade NEXD, Motorized FlexShade,
FlexShade 2, and Coupled FlexShades.

Even with cable guides, however, for the best aesthetics and
operation on a sloped facade the size of the shade should not exceed 10’ wide x
8’ high, and the angle should be 5 degrees or less.

Vinyl “L” Angle
With window shades mounted on the inside (jamb) of the window frame, there
will be light gaps on each side. Draper offers several solutions to deal with
this, including metal “U” channels, “H” channels, and “L” angles.

We now also offer vinyl “L” angles to reduce side light gaps
on inside mount shades. Measuring 1-1/2″ x 3/4″ and shipped in 8′
lengths, each vinyl “L” angle includes double-sided tape for easy installation.
Available in silver (matches Draper’s clear anodized hardware), black, bronze,
ivory, and white.

Motorized Exterior
FlexShade XL
We’ve moved our largest cassette-style FlexShade outdoors. The Motorized
Exterior FlexShade XL is available up to 16’ wide. The 5″ x 5″
headbox includes an integrated a cradle support system that allows for greater
width with minimum deflection. The Motorized Exterior FlexShade® XL is powered
by an RTS motor. Cable guides are included.

Textured Powder Coating
Traditionally, our standard hardware finish has been a smooth powder coat. Now
our standard finish will be a textured powder coat. While powder coating in
general is durable, the textured coat will be even more resistant to scuffs and
scrapes during delivery and installation, and won’t show fingerprints or other
surface marks. Our color choices remain the same, and the smooth coating is
still available as an option.

Motorized FlexShade I/O
IntelliFlex I/O is a new easy-to-use motor control system that is a complete solution for motorized FlexShades. Intelligent motors are connected to wall switches and other input devices through a wired network. This network allows communication between devices and there’s no need for external power supplies because the network also distributes power to devices from the motors. Configuration is done from the devices themselves, with no need for a computer connection to the network. Networks can include up to 120 devices and extend to 4000 feet in total with no further restrictions on connections between components. The FlexShade price list is available in print and PDF versions. If you would like printed copies, please visit our request site to order ( You can download an interactive PDF version by logging in to the Draper Pro Portal using your account number, then choosing “Dealer Price Lists.”

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