Draper’s Solar Control Solution for Houston Church

Interior roller window shades are great for solar control in Houses of Worship —especially with issues like glare—but sometimes a different solar control solution is necessary.

Christian Academy

Christian Academy of Indiana in New Albany, Indiana has a great line up of Draper gym equipment products. Products include:

Union Chapel Ministries

The main sanctuary for the Union Chapel Ministries in Muncie, Indiana features two Targa projection screens and an Ultimate Folding Screen. The Ultimate Folding Screen is the standard for portable screens with many features that make it not only stylish, but durable.

Union Chapel Ministries – Youth Building

Featured in Union Chapel 180 Youth Building in Muncie, Indiana is a 12′ x 16′ Cineperm projection screen. The Cineperm is a permanently tensioned projection screen that has a snap-on screen with an aluminum frame.

The Rock in Anaheim CA

The Rock, in Anaheim, California features a large Truss-Style Cinefold Projection Screens, 60’w, with curtains dividing the surface for special effects and two Onyx Projection Screens on either side. The Truss-Style Cinefold is a large folding portable screen with an extra rigid truss-style frame.

St. Edward Christ & Episcopal Church

St. Edward Christ & Episcopal Church has an Access/Series E that can be lowered as needed. When it is raised it disappears into a custom enclosure that looks like part of the architecture.

Stanwich Congregational Church

An Access/Series V and Scissor Lift Projector Mount is shown here at the Stanwich Congregation Church in Greenwich, CT. The Access/Series V is a motorized ceiling-recessed, tab-tensioned front projection screen.

First Baptist Church of Glenardon

Truss Cineperm Projection Screens are shown here at the First Baptist Church of Glenardon in Upper Marlboro, MD. The Cineperm offers a contemporary, theatre-like appearance whenever a permanently mounted front or rear screen is required.

South Memorial Church of God

Shown here are window shades with a light blocking fabric at the South Memorial Church of God in New Castle, Indiana. These shades provide solar control and room darkening features to the room for better audio-visual presentations.

Mt Summit Christian Church

Mt. Summit Christian Church in Mt. Summit, Indiana has two Targa Projection Screens. The Targa Projection screen’s design allows the viewing surface to be centered in its one-piece, white steel case for a trim, balanced appearance.

First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Church in New Castle, Indiana has a Targa Projection Screen and an Edgeless Clarion.

The Targa Projection screen’s design allows the viewing surface to be centered in its one-piece, white steel case for a trim, balanced appearance.

First Christian Church

The First Christian Church in New Castle, Indiana features a Paragon E Projection Screen. Choose the Paragon for any setting where a very large screen is required.

First Baptist Church with Divider Curtain

Shown here at the First Baptist Church in New Castle, Indiana is a Walk-Draw Divider used to divide spaces in a meeting area.

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church in New Castle, Indiana has a Rolleramic Projection Screen and two Clarions.

Brandywine Community Church

Brandywine Community Church in Greenfield, Indiana features two 161″ Cinefold Projection Screens with standard legs, a 27′ 6″ Truss-Style Cinefold and a 133″ Cinefold complete with standard legs.

Draper’s Solutions for Houses of Worship

Draper has innovative solutions to enhance your facility and your message.

What You Need to Know About Adding Lighting

When Draper talks about lighting, it is usually within the context of either controlling natural light through window shades and other solar control solutions, or choosing the projection screen that works best in the lighting conditions in your room.


Screens for Worship Facilities

When beginning to plan for new or updated AV in a worship facility, one of the first questions is usually, “What screen should I use?” Like many things in life, there is not one definitive answer to that question. The closest thing to an answer is answer is, “that depends!”


How to Select the Right Size Projection Screen

One of the most important decisions to make in your audio visual setup is selecting the correct screen. Here are some things to consider to select the right size projection screen.


Choosing the Right Equipment and Manufacturers for Worship Facility Gym

There are so many details that need to be addressed when planning a new worship facility gym that there are a couple of details that are often overlooked. When beginning a gym project, there are two questions you should remember to ask. The first question is, “What do I need in my gymnasium?”


Custom Graphics

You provide the artwork, and Draper will print your logo or graphic on any of our Window Shades, Sports applications and more.

MORE – Shades | MORE – Sports

Gymnasium and Athletic Equipment

Today’s worship facility is many things besides a place of worship. It is also a gathering place, where programs including athletics are offered.


Projector Lifts

Projector Lifts are an important part of the audio visual installation in any house of worship.


Solar Control Solutions

While interior roller window shades are great for solar control—especially with issues like glare—exterior shading is the most efficient way to keep solar heat gain outside the building envelope.


Video Conferencing Solutions

In today’s economic climate it makes sense to find ways to save money on traveling. But, communication is just as important. Using technology to help save traveling time and cost makes sense. Draper has a full line of video conferencing backgrounds, and camera lifts to make your telepresence cost effective while maintaining a professional appearance.


Window Shades

Houses of worship present unique challenges in controlling the light. Each space, whether it is a church, synagogue, cathedral or mosque may be used for multiple purposes and each purpose has a specific goal and challenge.


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