Draper takes an open view when it comes to automating our AV products. Instead of making you use a proprietary system that doesn’t work with anything else, we give third party control systems easy access to all of our products. That includes our FlexShade® Recharge battery-powered shade.

In addition to standard third party access, there’s new, more convenient way to tie FlexShade Recharge into Control4 automation systems. A new driver has been released that allows you to control Recharge shades using any Control4 automation product.

The application allows seamless integration between your shades, PC, and home automation system. You can send commands, launch programs, and trigger events on your computer—all over IP. With this driver you will also have access to percentage feedback, so if you use the remote to move the shades, the Control4 system will know they moved, and their new location. The new driver works on Control4 2.9 and higher.

Using a driver to control the Recharge requires the use of a DataHub. Drivers for other control systems will be available soon.

This driver formalizes the communication between the hardware (in this case our Recharge shades and their components) and control software (Control4). It essentially captures all the relevant aspects (registers, interrupts, “First In First Out” (FIFOs), programming sequence, etc.) of a given device. You can control the on-screen GUI from Control4 remotes, apps, or touchscreens.

If you aren’t using Control4, it’s OK. There are many other ways to control the FlexShade Recharge.

With the Recharge DataHub, you can download our mobile app to operate or program the shades from anywhere. Two-way communication means the app will show the positions of the shades, and signal when they need to be recharged!

Other control options include single- and multi-channel radio frequency (RF) remotes, single- and multi-channel wall switches, a sun sensor, and dry contact interface to tie the Recharge in with virtually any control system.

For more information on the FlexShade Recharge, click here.

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